Sunday, 3 January 2010

Wall Art

Happy New Year to all... Thank you all for reading, commenting & constantly inspiring me... Thought I'll start the year with my favourite subject... - Painting a wall.... This is what we did one weekend in August.... A view from my mirror... The painting is not yet complete... but only I know where the flaws are - We've used all mediums of paint... normal wall paint, acrylic, pencils, crayons, sketch pens... everything we could find..
These blocks came all the way from Jaipur ... specially for my wall...
Another look...
Slowly my wall transformed into a canvas...
A complete view... of the wall...

A better view... with my dining table in the forefront..

Did you like it??? What do you think??


  1. Hey Patricia,
    Its boooootifuulll..
    is there a opening ,a door or something where the head of the peacock is painted?and what more are u going to add?its lovely!

  2. Hey Pats!! A very happy new yr to u n ur family...n yes the wall..its really really pretty, i love the way you have done the feathers...beautiful!

  3. Did you like it?? I LOVED it! You're awesome, girl! And the peacock pattern is anyway my favourite!

    And you've used a "we" in the post. Who else was with you on this?

  4. amazing!! :) the multi-dimensional effect is stunning!!

  5. Hi Patricia,
    This is beautiful!! I totally love it. i wanted to do up a wall in madhubani painting, but have been pushing off for sometime. This surely inspires me to start of.

  6. Wooowwwwwww!!!!
    mazaaa aaa gayaa!!!!
    its lovelyy!!!!

    and am sure u too enjoyed creating this :)

  7. wow! it looks lovely! great use of colour :-)

  8. very very beautiful...loved it..

  9. can i suggest something?? .. instead of the grey eye.. why not make it a rich black?? .. it would def add more depth.. Ohh! u did say that the pianting was not complete yet..

  10. Wow! Absolutely stunning!!...loved it :)

    Wish you a great 2010!!

  11. its just breathtaking pat!!!!have a lovely year ahead!!!!!!


  12. WOW!!! Amazing! An explosion of colours! Love it!

  13. its beautiful patricia.amazing guts to paint the wall..good going..
    happy new year dear.

  14. Sunny and Cheerful !
    Have a great 2010,

  15. It is beautiful... flamy feathers look great on the wall. Beautiful colours :)

  16. Simply creative!
    Wonderful week to you.


  18. WOW!! such vivid colours! its beautiful!

  19. Beeeautifullllllll.
    Its simply awsome.

  20. Hello, I have never been to your site
    but it is lovely.
    I am an artist for 27 yrs so would just like to give a tip......your stunning painting of the peacock would work alittle better if you repeated that dark square color(On far right) as a
    thinner band(top to bottom) on the far left inches from edge but not touching the peacocks beak........try putting a scrap piece of paper cut in thin band and laying it on will see it keeps your eye from leaving the painting as it normally wants to because the peacocks beak is pointing us out of the painting.
    I believe it will frame your eye inside the painting. It is an incredible piece!! Keep Painting!!
    kindest regards,missy from the bayou

  21. This art is an do something unique with the walls..thank you for the lovely post.

  22. I think this is fabulous! love the vibrant colours and passionate flow into space.

    I have also checked out the warli art on the wall, and, needless to say, I am inspired to try something.

  23. Amazing art!Love the gorgeous colours!

    I've painted on wall in my daughter's room...not this elaborate, just the kiddie stuff. Have been thinking of posting it for sometime. Should do that:)

    Keep going girl!

  24. How did I miss this post? Wow! While you say the painting was easier than deciding what to paint, you have to be an artist to paint something recognizable on a wall! Awesome work!! And here's to the entire team!

    I am v interested in what mix of paint you used to block print.

    Do send me an email, please!:)

  25. Wow is the word. I am feeling so happy by just looking at your work. Motivates me to try my hand on the walls. I have loads of ideas which i intend to try out.

  26. What a stunning project-- you sure are talented!!


  27. really nice and alotttttttttt of work... Just Perfect!


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