Saturday, 16 January 2010

My Home, My Magic- Home Tour

2010 is the absolute right reason to do a few monthly features on this blog…. My home, my magic – Home Tour is one such monthly feature. I’ve always believed that a home always creates a personal magic… and am hoping to share enchanting spaces that are both whimsical & full of character. The first feature is the home of Ms. Ahalya, the co-founder of Rasvihar. I have featured Rasvihar – the ultimate jewellery store sometime last year… and am delighted to feature Ms. Ahalya’s home!!

Ms. Ahalya insists that jewellery should have style, substance, and soul, if it is to communicate and be relevant to the user's life. I'm sure you will feel the same way about her home...

Her home is simple, yet warm, elegant, yet filled with so much love...

Full of substance.... yet you can relate to every room.... every corner...

I love the neutrals.... that create magic in these spaces...

Isn't it so cozy and homely?

Dont forget to visit the store - Rasvihar!! There is something in there for every one!!


  1. Home Tour.. thats a great idea! This one is so soothing, simple yet so full of life :)

  2. Lovely home!!! But I cudn't connect to Rasvihar...some net prob I believe.

    I was thinking of some home tour too but haven't yet struck the right chords...nw this is an inspiration!

    Should come up with something:)

  3. How inspirational. Great ideas are just flowing.

  4. Beautiful. :) I love the Mirror & the reflection of the bed.

  5. love the vintage style furniture used here, reminds of my good old days..

  6. Beautiful interiors ..i loved the bedrooms the most

  7. Wonderfully elegant home. Very restrained and yet very warm.

  8. Love the curtains in the last pic .. cozy home ...

  9. Pat....I loved the neutral colours of this house....


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